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Game safety: muzzle velocity vs. velocity @ 10' mercy range

I took out my Prochrony optical chrony to answer a niggling question in my head:

Is a 10' mercy range all that effective in reducing undue injury from an airsoft gun?

I chronyed an AEP and a GBB at point blank and at 10' range and got the following results with 0.2g pellets.

AEP: 215fps@point blank, 204fps@10'
Hicapa on propane: 321fps@PB, 288@10'

The reduction in pellet energy for the AEP at 10' is about 11% whereas the Hicapa toned down by 24%. In any case, it appears that an AEP doesn't hit all that hard even at PB so it doesn't really make much sense to impose a mercy range on AEPs with much more powerful ASGs on a field.

With the hicapa running down to 288fps at 10' it seems kind of unfair to even impose a mercy range on a stock AEG which typically puts out around 280fps.

I'm not done testing, but it begs the question if 10' is enough range for high powered AEGs. I haven't gotten around to it yet, but 400fps rifles probably still put out a very high fps at 10'.

It seems unfair to impose generic mercy ranges for both high and low powered airsoft guns. It seems to make more sense to allow close firing with low power and require a minimum safe range for high powered guns. If we're willing to accept a 400fps rifle to fire at 10', we should also lift the mercy rules for say sub 350fps rifles (assuming a 400fps rifle delivers 350fps at 10').
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