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At Dorchester we play at an old abandoned ... uhm well I'm not really sure what it is, but it's old and abandoned and all grown over. For some reason there are open culverts (holes with cement walls) about 2 foot in diameter, not sure how deep cause they are filled with water up to about 5 feet down. Basically a well. Anyways they are grown over with weeds so you can't really see them. I was planning an ambush behind a bush thats beside the main intersection. I take a step and my foot keeps on going. Because I was stepping forward and my other foot is still on the ground, I fall down and sideways. The edge of the concrete culvert hits me in the right ribs, stopping my fall. I'm simultaneous really happy that I didn't fall in all the way cause I wouldn't be getting out by myself, yet hurt and worried that I may have broken a rib or even worse, some of the mags in my vest. Anyways, I pull myself up, check the mags, realize the pain is fading and I'm ok, and continue on with the game.
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