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It's not really a dirty trick, more like just keeping my mouth shut and letting the funny happen...

I was playing a game using only a pistol, running around pretty much trying to get shot, and I got spotted by someone with a TM AK. (can't remember his name. He had weird hands though).

Anyhow, he figured he had the upper hand, so he started walking towards me while I hid behind a tree. I'd poke my head out to look, he'd shoot a bunch, I'd pop out the other side, same thing.

Eventually he started running at me shouting, shooting full auto, and at about 15 feet away, he shouted "HIT!", stopped running, said "Nice Shot!", and walked away.

Turns out he shot himself with a ricochet, and he had his eyes closed while he was shooting and running and yelling so he didn't see me *not shooting at him* :lol:

I couldn't figure out what happened, but there was nobody else around, and I hadn't fired a shot, so nothing else could have happened. I just sat down and had a good laugh.
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