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during a 1 on 1 stalk and kill game, an opponent placed his helmet at a bunker all enemy at the gates style, i spotted it, and was curiously advancing thinking "what the hell? why is he sticking his head up like that? does he not realize his helmet is sticking over his cover, ha! stupid budda." so i was advancing and flanking, checking with my scope, only when i got about 20ft away and and his flank did i realized there was no person under the helmet! boy did that scare me knowing i walked into a trap now i had to quickly decide where he was going to attack from, if he could see me, what my most possible retreating venue. never the less it gave me that "ho man im fucked" feeling in my gut that nobody likes to get.

btw he did ambush me shortly after, he hit my primary, then shot me out during the ensuing gun battle... dirty bastard.
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