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So just how shitty are these items?

Let's see... the magazine on the M4 enjoys falling out. Isn't that cute?

Oh yea, forgot the main reason Im posting....

Here's the pistol in box form. As you can see, FILTHY cheap.

Somehow I don't trust that 'MSRP'

And here she is, yet again.

A bit better of a shot


At least there's one redeeming feature... I needed an emergency light for my car.

And onto the big guns... sorta.

In the box..
-10 bb's
-collapsable stock (which doesn't stay 'out' very well)
-Laser (with dead batteries)
-PEQ (with 2 blue LED's)
-Foregrip (actually can be used on normal rails!)
-'goggles' (ha!)
-2 Chinese branded AA batteries which exploded shortly after I put them into the PEQ... seriously, not to sound racist but what the FUCK is up with shitty Chinese products these days????
-screwdriver & screws (to affix the laser sight & PEQ onto the rails)


All of the accessories - oh, forgot to list the sling.

Super high quality... when there's a lightning bolt going through '555'... you know it's good!

In all it's glory... well... whatever Glory there is.

So there you have it.
Top quality shit at rock bottom prices.
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