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The most I have worn to a game is my bdu pants and combat boots. I just wear my bdu pants, sneakers, underarmour, and a t-shirt. Everything else is in the vechile. But the best bdu`s you can have are black. Sure people in the summer will look at you weird for wearing black pants in 30 degree weather but its not grabbing attention of Omy Gawd look at the reservist, etc, etc.
Not like Red Deer has big problems with that, being that everyone and there dog has some form of camo whether it is fake or not.
So half and half here is very acceptable. Hell Ive seen people in my old high school wearing full od, and on one day I saw a guy that looked like he was fighting the red coats that was cool. *The British are coming! The British are coming!*
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Imagine ads for semen restaurants. I can see it now... "Come to Seminal Sam's, where you can eat loads without blowing all your wad..."
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