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Originally Posted by Brian McIlmoyle
I typically wear, half and half to and from games..

When I am not in Business Suit.. I am typically head to toe, 5.11 clothing, I including vest...because I'm Hooked on the comfort and utility of the clothes for every day wear.. but I get accused of wearing "fishing clothes" with that look..much more than any thing else.

I'm with you on the functional casuals. As is my philosophy with the combat pants/boots.
I had wanted to pick up a whole bunch of 5.11 stuff too.

I generaly don't wear combat tops for fasion. Maybe a camo t-shirt, but those tend to look more civvie anyway.
I do wear military jackets. But only plain colors.
I know people who wear jeans or civvie bottoms with a combat top, but not generaly a common camouflage you'd see on a soldier in north america. IE: german, maybe DPM.
You could get away with US woodland because that's been copied so many times in civvie clothing it doesn't really matter if it's genuine or not.

I think people who wear cadpat(Woodland) look pretty silly. Maybe if I was in the states or somewhere you don't see it on local soldiers.
Same with people who wear full uniforms or any color for casual dress(Depending on the stlye of uniform, some plain colors might be ok).
Also people who mix camouflages look stupid... Sep for that big, hulking guy who works out at the Y, because he frightens me and is kinda cool.

If there's no gear, (Though when I go clubbing I like to wear pistol belts minus the holsters.) I say let people gawk and assume your a hooligan.
If someone askes I say paintball, or camping, or hold up my hand in a devil sign and headbang. They'll understand that.
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