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Night hawk 2 redoux. 6:00 AM. Everybody's hunkered down at the back of the village waiting for the terrorists to come out of the woods.
I get the idea to secure the second tower.
After a while they all come pouring out. I nailed a couple before they could tell their team where I was.
I hear them behind me. I peek out the rifle slot and there's about five of them behind the building next to me.
I nail one in the back then aim for another.
It's Justbob and I would have nailed him in the face so I hesitated. He saw me and started shooting.
I get down and the pellets start pouring in every window and slot on the corner of the building, and I was right under them.
I heard them arguing about who was going to go around to the door and try to get me.
If that happened, one or both of us would have been in alot of pain. I had my A1 and there was about six feet between me and the door.

Eventualy I got hit by what I realized right after was a riccochet. But had yelled 'hit' already, so I took it. If I had waited a bit longer I might have mowed half of them down before they set the nuke. I had a good line of sight.

I told Bob I would have shot him if I could have hit him anywhere else. He said next time to go for it. If the only shot available is a face shot then take it.
I don't remember if that was before or after he got shot in the back of the throat repeatedly at that other Rigaud game.
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