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Classic army M15A4 carbine ( New Version with metal hop up)

Well, I bought the carbine version (mini battery in handguard). So far i've been very happy with how it's performed. Basically all my shots go where I want assuming you are prone or have a solid grip. As far as it's looks and feel, unbelievable! The finish on it is very nice and it is as many have claimed "built like a tank". The only thing i noticed which may be common with m4 aeg's minus systemas, is the top part of the reciever which you can remove, moves just a tad, but it is not very noticable it's more nit picky on my part. So far i've put about 2000-3000 rounds through it in target practice, ranging from single shot tests to full auto'ing entire hicap mags. It will obviously heat up however it's passed my durability test in regards to being able to autofire a significant amount of shots with consistent accuracy. I was sure to apologize after making her go through that.

The only semi complaint i have is the collar that allows access to the battery. Unless you have hands of steel its very hard to get it off, but even more so to get it back on. There should be some gripping tool with it, but what I do is use a flat head screw driver to help push it down. Now I got it down to an art. But honestly I would never go with an m16 stock, I just love the ability to switch between cqb having the stock all the way in, or having it farther out for outdoor long range shooting.

As for batteries/charger, I got it from

Incase posting a link for batteries is against the rules, please remove this. I just found it to be an extremely good price recommended to me by a friend. He grilled me on how important having a smart charger was so that's the one I got. As with the gun, it's working perfect.

If anyone has any other questions I did not address feel free to shoot me a line.
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