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I voted half, because the first thing I remember everyone being concerned about was someone hearing our guns in the middle of the night for what ever reason and calling in the cops cause of hearing "Automatic guns fire." Anyone that's heard an airsoft versus a real steel know that won't be a big issue. It was always the "Large groups of guys showing up in camo to this place" that bugged me. I mean two games ago at the Foxden there was all of us gearing up and loading mags slapping cocking levers and all that when a Jahova's Witness shows up to hand us bibles. Trying everything I can not too laugh because it was one of those "Its my turn to scare you time bitch" moments, but then remembering people getting freaked out from just the gear. Here we are with Quantis and his high powered sniper rifle, Prav with his AK, Hazard with his SR-16, LUTNIT with his M4, Me with my M4.... who else was there I know there was a couple others atleast... no? anyway you get the picture kinda.

Anyway I don't think any of us should be wearing full camo anywhere. Mind you.... I'd REALLY love to show up to McDonalds in the middle of the night in a FULL ghillie... that'd be fun
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