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Airsoft Dirty Tricks and Funny Tactics.

Just for humors' sake, post any dirty tricks and or tactics that could be used on the airsoft field. Be creative

For example: Distract your enemy by launching a surprisingly pooly coordinated, one-man charge. Preferably the distraction should be a midget screaming "LEROY JENKINS!" at the top of his lungs. Meanwhile, have your main force (I.E. everyone else who isn't the sucker who drew the short straw) sneak up on thier flank while thier laughing thier heads off.

Another dirty trick: Name your team the "Tactical Insertion Team" and have the acronym spelt out on your vest/jacket. In close quarters battle break down the door like SWAT screaming "T.I.T, Freeze!". By the time they've figured out why there are a dozen men screaming something about frozen nipples and stopped laughing about it you'll have had enough time to tag them all!

any other funny tricks?

(P.S. This is the result of what happens when you stay up all night drinking with your airsofting buddies and have a strange sense of humor. Sorry if this seems retarded. I personally blame Zim.)

-Mike & John
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