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Originally Posted by wiseowl
It good to hear they are asking for proof of age, unfortunately with it being in there I can see more parents buying them for their kids still (more so then Crappy Tire and Wallworld as they are most likely more visible (not everyone walks down the gun aisles).

Should be interesting to play some games at the Ottawa fields though with all those around now :P I know its fun shooting at Aqua with his spring shotty when his G36 runs out of ammo.
I told the store owners about the laws for Replicas, basic version. So now if a parent buys it, they know they must supervise it's use at all times. They will also tell buyers those things cant be used in public at all.
The owners will not sell to anyone whom they suspect will simply hand it over to a kid brother/cousin.
The ID/name taking is a big deterrent. So at least I must commend them for trying. They dont just look at your ID, you fill a form.
It's not a perfect system, but to be honest we here face the same problem; parents buying and then letting the kids have them. No real way to prevent that, is there?
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