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well right know i only have camo pants so what else would i wear, but to the matter at hand most of the guys i drive to out door games well wear BDU pants and some random shirt but we try to stop as little as possable like most of the time we stop once about 5 mins out of the meeting place to gas up and grab some munchies for the drive and then its give'her to the field and then we finish gearing up at the game. But before the game i'll take a look around roughly 80% of the players well have pants on when they get to the game so i wouldn't see the problem in wearing only your pants coming to the game but i guess it could be said that you should change in to normal pants when your done the game but i guess its all up to the players really i know after a game i basicly take off my game shit pants stay on and drive right home cause i'm to tried to want to change completely in to civ's and i wont be stopping any where.
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