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Reading the responses, and quickly glancing at everyone's location, it seems clear that different regions are different in their "acceptance" (i.e., from the general public's POV) of camo/BDUs.

Clearly in Quebec, or at very least the Montreal area, camo isn't given a second thought. Point in case, because of this thread, when I walked my dog after supper (nice hour long walk, it was a nice evening) I decided to look for people wearing camo.

I myself was wearing a US WL shirt since it was cool (raid modded, since I hadn't gotten a chance to wear it since I got it back from Morb/Kitshop - who did an amazing job, btw). In the span of ~1 hour, I encoutered one guy wearing 6 color desert pants cut [ripped] to short (bermuda) length, two guys [seperate encounters] wearing woodland BDU pants (one looked real, one looked more like Walmart woodland with snap buttons), one skater wearing a really old/faded US woodland shirt with a lot of [band?] patches sewn on and one guy wearing what looked like either CadPat AR or Desert MarPat pants (he was too close to me, so I couldn't LOOK at his pants like that, without it getting really weird, you know?).

Additionally, in non-BDU clothing, there was a young-ish guy (14?) wearing a woodland-ish tshirt (Rothco style), one girl wearing "woodland-ish" pants (looked more like one of those Russian patterns, but clearly this was civvy clothing. She was hot though), and one girl wearing a sort of washed out Urban camo pants (she wasn't hot and the pants did nothing to help it <- cuz, you know, cows are sorta white and black pattern like that, too... so, uh, yeah).

I would have felt really weird/out of place if I'd been out dressed in sports pants and a polo shirt. Like "OMFG Reject!" weird.
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