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talraga dont take this the wrong way, nobody is ragging on you personally, its just these kinda ideas may be in the best intrest of the sport superficially, the fact is your still fucking with a good thing. if its not broke dont fix it. we have a good thing, nobody wants to risk changing it for the risk of making it worse. sure wed love to see our sport socially accepted and popular, but realistically, it is impossible to accomplish in the light we wish to see it in.
it all seems like a good idea in theory, but improbable in practicallity. your not the only person on crazy pills with these kinda ideas and your sure as hell not going to be the last rest assured your time will come very shortly where youll be on the other side of the fence arguing this point along side us, this point of view we have isnt something you can teach, it comes with time and experience, it wont take long for you to see things our way... if you already havent.
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