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Well as to the terrorist look. Camo is one of the in things now. Half and half will draw less attention than full kit. And certainly wearing tac gear AND uniform is uneccessary. If you have a car... leave yer tac gear in it when you go eat. Are you expecting to be ambushed sitting in a booth at Kelsey's or something?! pants - meh; But tacvest, pads, drop holster, and gloves, get a life. Like ponch said - hallowe'en is October 31st every year. Just leave the AEG's at home. And if you really insist on wearing kit all the time... enlist. There is one complication we must consider though, no matter how much we try and be inconspicuous, there is an ever increasing number of paintballers who are starting to wear CADPAT, MARPAT, and similar things to what we wear, our reputation rests partially in thier antics as well. All we can do is make sure it's not one of ours that's on CityTV one day.
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