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Originally Posted by Talraga
Perhaps but I'm sure I'm not the only airsofter out there discouraged by the amount of anti-airsoft publicity we've been getting. I think if nothing else a training course that helps teach parents as well as players the ropes and responsibilities of airsofting would be a very good Idea and a step in the right direction. It probably wouldn't even be all that expensive, if somone were to host the training sessions on private property.
It is already being done, I do introduction to airsoft courses practically every Sunday at TTAC3.
To date I have graduated well over 100 NOOBs into the activity.

I think to describe this activity as a "sport" is a misnomer, it has more akin to Live Action Role Playing than sport. I know that being tagged as a LARP is not considered a positive by many.. but LARP is known as a mostly harmless activity, What really is the difference between Role playing as a "master swordsman, or a wizard" or Role playing as a "special forces operator" To us.. it is a huge difference , but to a detached observer both could be considered "weird" and nonsensical.
There is no way to cast the simulated killing of human beings with modern assault weapons in a positive light.. the best we can hope for is to cast it as a "mostly harmless" passtime.

Paintball has made the transition to a Sport.. but we know what it has become.. I don't think anyone wants Airsoft to go that way.
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