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Its nice ideas guy but.. it won't work. Kids now are taking Paintball guns on the street and doing drive by shooting and Thank god getting arresed for it, Now let say these kids get a M4 or M16/203 and cops are called for kids speeding and shooting pellet guns. Well dear old officer goes to pull over the kids and sees this assault rifle and next thing you know there is a damn shoot out and media grasping poor old Timmy got shot by the cops for his toy gun.

Plus Swat

Let everything be, people are slowly joining by 1) finding sites like this and we somehow route out some of the idiots 2) Our personal friends, we let them know about it, tell them the dangers and the fun.

But when time comes there is people on this forum and other forums that will approach the legal side of things when shit hits the fan. I for one plan on being a Cop and when I do I plan on meeting with my Chief and other officers and informing them about airsoft, so when they do pullovers, like pulling Lisa/Katey over that 56 or so guns in the car are not real and are for playing milsims. Ofcourse im not going to lay it out like this but I plan on talking to people at whatever station I am at.

Plus like Swatt13 said s 100% true, I totally agree with him.
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