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Aquamarine-- I did the same damn thing but here in kingston its San Diego, Pretty much the same as San Frandisco. I lost it out side the store, because kids always enter this place to buy cheap bongs and now they have access to the softair guns, I too did a double take and when I did I noticed M4 with the sliding stock off, some sort of glock and a couple more pistols.

The reason why I lost it was this little store is in our major mall and its 16-17 yr old kids working there so they wont/don't check ID's I know because I watch kids buy the bongs all day. Plus the guns are cheap- $10 for the Glock, 20 or 40 for the rifle.

If we have to do that legal shit again to prove what airsoft is so we can legalize it instead of being in a gray zone, We have to make sure we tell who ever the difference between soft air and airsoft.

Anyways my rant
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