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Originally Posted by L473ncy
SF has SOME funny shit BUT most of it (like 99.99%) is junk and crap. I would have loved to see those kids get tried for robbery at the macs store, but it probably won't happen. You've got some fucking retarded kids out there doing stupid shit because they think it's funny and they don't realize the concequences like a "criminal record" for example *gasp* now they can't get a good job, they have to work crappy ass jobs on graveyard shifts, living a few dollars above the poverty line.

SF, I salute thee for seperating the retardedly dumb from the general public! :salute:

You know honestly when I saw that this thread had to do with SF stores I was seriously hitting my head on me desk. "Oh god! They found away to make a dildo shoot BB's!"... -.-
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