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We should have more of a centre wing view on this, instead of a right wing view on this.

Instead of registration and all that crap, just keep the sport closed off. In canada I see that practically noone likes the military, but guess what they are the ones who serve the people, they risk their lives every day on missions and operations for freedom. I generally have a more liberal (well actually centre-wing) view on things, but some things are just too left-wing for me.

In the US they generally have a more positive view on the military. Although you do get dumbfucks like that lady with like 30 kids, and owns her own church, and says homosexuals are evil. WTF?

Remember: you've got to put things in perspective.

Or we could do something like in the movie "Wag the Dog" where we put up political smoke-screens to distract the media from whats really important.
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