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I know that the training aspect works. Down here in the Northeast, our airsoft gruop offers AirSoft 1.0 Its is a training class that teaches responseability, tactics, saftey, and land navigation. It is offerd to all airsofters, but it targets the under eighteen airsofters. I also do believe that the training is for the kid as well as their parent. over all a good system. AS 1.0 is not manditory for all airsofters in the NE; but if they want to play at our largest Milsim field, then they need it.

The media is another thing. I normally do no tlike the media and I think thier only goal is to bring the downfall of our beloved sport. This year at our annual huge airsoft game, Battle for Tolland, we had a combat photographer. At first I thought he was just another airsofter taking cool pictures, but he is actually a photojournalist from France. He gave the Airsofting world a great boost with his story.

But I guess that is an isolated incident
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