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Ok, then here's an Idea that may or may not be good: Airsoft registration. We already have the age-verified thing going why not have a government registration system that allows only those who qualify to carry proper, real-looking AEGs that are over the age of 18 to have them. If they are not 18, or do not have a licence to use them then the get fined and have thier gun confiscated. I for one would actually prefer not to do that, but who knows it may help calm the government and prevent Airsoft from becoming a scapegoat for teen violence.

Lets say to get an airsofting licence you simply have to prove that you are a responsible adult who will not abuse these products. You then pay a small fee ($20 maybe?) and get a card that proves you to be a licensed Airsofter, at which point you are allowed to buy whatever the hell you want in the way of AS guns. Nothing too hard, but something that will keep the morons out.

Also, my point is that we should not aim to be super-popular, but certainly do things to indicate we are more respectibal than we a currently viewed, and find a way to get the government off our backs. The registration idea is just one example, if anyone has better Ideas feel free to chip in.

(P.S. Trust me I know full well there are Idiots in this world and by no means are they exclusive to Anti-Airsoft. The last thing we need is a Jack Thompson equivilant going after Airsoft. I'm not trying to rock the boat too much just trying to find better ways to keep it Afloat.)
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