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Airsoft In Retail Stores

So I've seen Crappy Tire airsoft...

I've even seen WalMart airsoft....

Shit, I've seen those dollar store airsoft guns too....


Today knock-off airsoft reached a new low.

I walked into the local 'San Francisco' store. For those of you who don't have the honeor of little biddy gracing your local mall, let me explain. This store is filled with cheap, crappy, shitty products of all shapes and sizes from your local asian sweat-shop. Imagine 'Spencer's Gifts'.... well, this is the original version of that store.... except that Spencers actually has somewhat funny and entertaining gifts, not cheap knocked-off shit.

Just what will you find at the SF store? A collection of about 50 INCREDIBLY sexist and racist shirts, bongs, pipes, rolling papers, those shitty plaster-cast statues of an Eagle's head blowing out the side of a dream-catcher. Anyhow, I digress, as usual.............

I recently walked into the FS store today... walked past your typical collection of $150 pocket-bikes, the big glass cabinet of blunt shoddily-made swords, and past a wall of plastic guns.

WHOA.... back-peddle a sec! Plastic guns?! What the shit are these doing here? Don't the owners of this crappy little company know the clientelle that is frequented in here? Yours truely excluded... [/end ego]. This is the location in the center of town, on the edge of 'The Slums' where the down-and-outers typicall reside and die from heroine OD's. Right when I walked past, I saw two little kids about 15 or 16 years old gawking at the guns saying (not a SINGLE world of a lie) "dude, we could scare the shit out that fucker at the Macs store" (7-11 style of store).

Longer story short... I bought two. hahaha

A CYMA pistol of some sort (hey, $18 for a laser with pressure sensor, 50 bb's, and a rail-mounted light... can't go wrong! the pistol is just an added extra) along with a WELL brand M16 springer for $40 (heh heh, I should simply sell it to some Just-18'ers saying it's a GREAT gun.... hell, I could probably make $100 off of it!)

So there ya go, watch out for even MORE shitty bb guns to flood out onto the streets, thanks to the San Francisco stores of Canada.

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