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people who play as want it to stay back counter. if it becomes popular it becomes commercialized. when it becomes commercialized more people will be into it. as it stands now, we have a few rules to follow, and we are more than happy to oblige. statistically speaking your guranteed to get more idiots who refuse to see the rules and regulations for what they are and what they stand for. these people interpret the rules to suit their wants. the reason and saving grace of everyone being a hard ass on the newbies it to weed out the idiots from the people who actually deserve to be a part of this exclusive sport.
i see your point if we educate and expose ourselves to the public we run the risk of 2 things, being socially accepted in which case we will meet more regulations (clear guns w/ orange tips are a gurantee) and have it become a popular sport that would be availible to the majority exclusivley until walmart decides they want to capitalize on the sport and sells out making it readily availible to the masses. when this happens the injury rate and statistics will drastically rise due to the increased number of people abusing the saftey issues attributed with as by the lack of respect, reserve normally excersized by the majority. when that happens youll see moms on oprah and sally jessie raffielle crying about how our great nation is crumbling because we let our kids play with toy guns shooting each other and how her little tommy lost an eye at his 8th birthday party because he got shot in the eye with an AS gun, and he dreamed of being a pilot... boohoo. instead of accepting the fact that she raised an idiot, shed see her son an innoccent victim and martyr to the cause. same moms will be campaigning to ban toyu guns capgun or as altogether for this reason.

OR the other thing that might happen is well be shunned by the public because we advocate viloence by running around shooting each other, obviously we must be terrorists, in which case the NSMAOA (national soccer mom assosiation of america) will campaign to have toy guns (cap gun or as) banned altogether, ie no more importing/sale ect.... do you see a trend here?

dont get me wrong, wed all love to see the sport flourish, but the fact is, there is stupid people out there. people who are iggnorant and refuse to see our guns as anything other than illegal and dangerous replicas,
people who would use them (and do use them) to rob people,
people who refuse to realize these are dangerous
people who think theyre above the rules
people who think theyre kid is mature enough to have one
ect ect.
think of the sport as a nice tropical island where the grass is green, air is fresh, animals flourish that only a few people know about. when the word spread about the island, EVERYBODY starts coming and soon the grass is all pitted and chewed up, air is full of pollution, the animals all leave, eventually it turns to shit.

the sport cant get big without losing alot of the amenties we have now. we would have to comrimise so much that the sport wouldnt be the same, and for what? so more people can get involved in a sport they dont really care about, as long as they get to have fun. its hard to explain, but we have a good thing, you cant change things with out rocking the boat, and when you rock the boat people fall of and when you rock it enough, you flip it over and lose the boat all together, accept the sport for what it is, be thankful for what youve got, and fight to keep it that way. you attitude changes the more you play and the longer your around, eventually you see it in a way where youll want to keep it secret and want to keep the clowns and jokers out for fear that theyll ruin something youve been a part of for so long and even help build.
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