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Positive Airsoft Publicity

Hey everyone, I just had a bit of a thought and I wanted other people's creative opinion about it. (Key word: creative)

I've noticed on this site alot of paranoia about the Media giving us bad publicity, and in turn giving Airsoft a bad name in Canada which may result in the sport being banned. Like everyone else on this site, I hope I never see the day that happens; but part of me wonders if maybe we are contributing to the problem?

Airsofters usually keep to themselves about the sport. It's the same all over North America: we live in fear of being shut down. Maybe, though, we are contributing to the bad image by being paranoid and driving off rookies who are still trying to find thier way into the sport. So why not give the media and Government an example of how responsible we can be?

For example; I was thinking one of the best ways to establish airsoft as a recognized sport is to provide training and saftey lessons to those who wish to participate. Allow the media, Government, and anyone else who is curious see that airsofters, 99% of the time handle the guns approptiatly, and do not go out into public with them. This would also allow rookies a place to get started and allow the Airsoft community to grow (especially if some of the anti-newb airsofters on this site would lay off of them). We won't get recognized unless we have numbers that demand recognition; and we won't get numbers if we don't encourage people to join up.

As for the training bit itself: all you really need to do is set up a shop somwhere with enough room for an airsoft shooting range, and hold small training sessions on proper gun handleing, sport rules, etc. to those over 18 who are interested. (and maybe 16 if they have parental permision)

Anyways it's just an Idea, any thoughts?
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