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I wasn't looking for airsoft in Markham. I was looking for Toronto. And I made my statement about being under age because all I read on most of the boards when I first signed up here are "stupid under age noob" comments. I know of 6mm Imports, but I live in Oshawa, and Toronto is a lot closer than Markham. It was pointed out to me above by someone else that ASC Armoury is opening a shop in Toronto. Quite simply, I am now waiting. I'm not here to badger people, I'm here to learn so that when my chance rolls around I'll know something. I didn't "pretend" to do my research, I got tired of "stupid noob" comments interfering with the information I was trying to research. I have no wish to be spoonfed. I know what I want to buy, I just wanted to know where to buy it. Plain and simple.
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