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I did not buy one Sam. I have been clearly misunderstood several times already.

I have only said two things that got blown way out of proportion by people obviously trying to be helpful to you, but only causing confusion.

1. I was disgusted by the looks of the guns as they were re-painted. That is simply my preference. No big deal.

2. Through various comments from people who were trying to defend you, it came out that these guns were painted red, then re-painted black to get the into the country. THIS WORRIES ME. This worries me because it sounds like a bit of a scam. All I am asking for is a quick explanation as to why that needed to be done. You dont need to go into depth, just something that tells me and anyone else who may be concerned that this was all done on the up and up.

That's all. I had no intention of starting a fight. I had no intention of "damaging small business".
Thanks Sam.

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