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Folks, the responses on this thread are getting totally out of hands. I have waited for the longest time to post a reply…finally. This reply also applies to another thread call Airsoft in Markham -

I am friends to both Kuramae Shop and Vince at 6MM Import; these two retail outlets are competitors to each other. Going into Kuramae Shop to tell those people about how Vince ran his business will NOT get you a positive reply from who ever run the floor on that day. Don’t forget …airsoft is not the main line of business for Kuramae; you will probably get a much different response if you are to ask them about the latest release from Tamiya. One thing Vince at 6MM and Kelvin at Kuramae have in common is that they show serious concern with regards to selling an airsoft replica to the ‘wrong’ hand, than who’s responsible? We are not talking about a person’s age here, but selling it to a total stranger. The same kind of feeling like somebody knocking at your door in the middle of the night and ask to use your phone. Really don’t want to get Miles and Carl involve on this one but our friends at ASC Armory probably have the same concern, but they are most definitely are more ‘crafty’ in dealing with potential clients. So it all boils down to people skills…but than 6MM and Kuramae have their own client base and who’s to judge them.
Another thing about negative feed back about both Vince and Kuramae is that both merchants have not post any replies here in ASC to defend them self. I asked Vince a while back about not defending himself on any negative feed back against him and his reply was that he wishes not to escalate the issue and avoid confrontations. But he would always make an effort to correct the problem.
A number of Airsoft Canada members here have regular dealings with both 6MM and Kuramae but have not come forward to speak their minds… simply see no reason to get into a confrontational situation with anyone and I understanding where they are coming from so to speak.
Business merchants at the Pacific Mall are color blind, if they can increase their so call non- Asian clientele by say 10 to 20 % that means increase on income. These people are paying big time rent for their little space at the mall. Trust me you don’t have to speak Chinese to become a happy customer. Some of you found the merchants ‘unfriendly’ at the mall, and my observation are that most of them have a poor command with the English language does resulted in some awkward situations.

Sorry for such a long reply, I can go on for even a bite longer…but I think this is quite enough for now.
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