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Originally Posted by Renegade)
Ok guys, ive really been holding myself back from posting here, but really this has got to be one of the most stupidest things ive ever heard. There has to be so much more to this story then what your telling us, because unless this guy was on his worse day ever, or you have a history there, or made some comment before asking, asking for a price would not result in that kind of answer. You either have to tell us the whole story here, or just stop complaining.
I've also had pretty bad experience with Kurame. I don't think he is holding back they were assholes to me aswell and I look my age....21, and was with a friend that looks much older. I was looking for a m16 mag the day before a game and they were my last option. They tried to sell it to me for a very high price then I told them howmuch they were being sold for everywhere else. They laughed and said "You can't compare retail stores to online stores." I told them that the prices I was talking about was retail. They wouldn't budge on the price so i just left. They had a very bad attitude from the second I walked in.

BTW I'm white which might explain their behaviour.

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