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Originally Posted by 14K
Originally Posted by Stealth
Had no problems when I went in there. The dude was looking at something on his computer again. Convo went something like this in cantonese:

Me: Hey. I heard you have guns for sale.
Dude: Yea. What are you looking for?
Me: Wondering if you had a TM P226 for sale.
Dude: Yep. 300 bucks.
Me: When can you get it for me?
Dude: In a few hours if the warehouse has it. Its a pretty new model, so most likely I'll have it in stock. If not, then 2 weeks.
Me: Thanks. I'll think about it.

To be honest, I was pretty shocked. 300 bucks for a P226 isn't a rip off at all, and if I actually wanted it and could have it in a few hours, then it was completely worth it. The guy wasn't rude to me, and I don't exactly look old either. Were you wearing a Barney T-shirt or something when you walked in? Sounds like you were giving him shit to begin with with that 6mm comment.
LOL warehouse at Pmall usually means "the trunk of my car" or they might keep stuff in the underground storage locker, one never knows. I remember he just kept shit behind the counter.
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