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Originally Posted by Stealth
Had no problems when I went in there. The dude was looking at something on his computer again. Convo went something like this in cantonese:

Me: Hey. I heard you have guns for sale.
Dude: Yea. What are you looking for?
Me: Wondering if you had a TM P226 for sale.
Dude: Yep. 300 bucks.
Me: When can you get it for me?
Dude: In a few hours if the warehouse has it. Its a pretty new model, so most likely I'll have it in stock. If not, then 2 weeks.
Me: Thanks. I'll think about it.

To be honest, I was pretty shocked. 300 bucks for a P226 isn't a rip off at all, and if I actually wanted it and could have it in a few hours, then it was completely worth it. The guy wasn't rude to me, and I don't exactly look old either. Were you wearing a Barney T-shirt or something when you walked in? Sounds like you were giving him shit to begin with with that 6mm comment.