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Originally Posted by Mr Jon
Originally Posted by -=]MH[=-RaiDen
Identity are you Azn? no? well there you go + your 17. and if you are, your not FOB enough

Plus ya they were dicks long time ago... about time you found out...

Chinese accent: " M4A1 for 800 dolla~~, I give you spe~sho $799.50 verrey good pri~lice, Be a man do~~ da right thing."
Maaaaaybe you save 50 cents here, and 50 cents there... then you have one dollar... theeeeeen you go to doooollar store and you buy something else...

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*lol* Amen to that...

Originally Posted by Aquamarine
I'll take his side here.

Wow, it does sound like they were a bunch of cunty retards. C'mon folks, the guy was asking a price and the chump behind the counter was treating him like a third-class citizen.
Yes, typically if you go to that store and is not a Cantonese speaking fob, they treat you like dirt. I normally just ignore that store all together.
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