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Originally Posted by Redneck
Originally Posted by Identity

I said don't worry I'm not new to airsoft and Vince at 6mm Imports can vouch for me.
That probably wasn't the best answer.

An honest answer rather than dodging the question might have gotten you somewhere.

Originally Posted by Identity
I was about to fucking go bezerk on his fat ass. The rules of airsoft is 16 to play and 18 to buy.

Im 17 in about 5 days. I know the rules of airsoft and as you can see under my sig I have a GBB and an AEG.
Those are the rules that are generally agreed upon in *this* community. The folks here abide by them because they're fairly well organized and emphasize safety and responsibility above all else.

The airsoft community is in no way limited to the people on this website. The guys at Kuramae aren't ASC members and probably jack their guns up to above what would be considered safe playing limits. Not being a part of this community allows them to set their own rules. Rules that you could potentially be breaking.

You know our rules, but you don't know theirs.

The easy fix is to not go back and wait another 370 days.
From the sounds of things, you'd have a better time here anyway.
Hey, Redneck. Thanks for clearing everything up for me. Feel much better now, and not as mad.

And I guess your right about it all. The rules that are set down are rules that I know from this forum and not the rules the guys at Kuramea might know.
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