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Thumbs down Kuramae Hobby Shop

Wow the owner at Kuramae Hobby Shop, is fucking retarted. :rrr:

I went over there to Pacific Mall to look around and I saw a Tokyo Marui 4.3 Hi-CAPA ad.

So I went in the store and I saw these guys crowding around watching porn and looking at their airsoft guns at the counter.

I waited untill they were done checking out a broken ICS AK74. I asked him how much was the 4.3 HI-CAPA. And the guy asked "How old are you?"

I said don't worry I'm not new to airsoft and Vince at 6mm Imports can vouch for me. All I'm asking is how much are you selling the Airsoft gun for. And he said O yeah your breaking the rules of airsoft... And all this other crap.

I told him once again all I wanted to know was the god damn price... And he kept blabering on, talking shit, how I was not old enough to play airsoft.
He kept saying O yeah since your such a minor why dont you talk to Vince to sell you airsoft. I didn't even want to buy the damn 4.3 since I already have one. All I wanted to know was the price.

I was about to fucking go bezerk on his fat ass. The rules of airsoft is 16 to play and 18 to buy.

So basicly I just ended up saying "Maybe I'll see you guys at a game at FR."
And left. Then those guys laughed like baboons.

Im 17 in about 5 days. I know the rules of airsoft and as you can see under my sig I have a GBB and an AEG. My father plays airsoft, not as in a skirmish but pinking in the basement with his GBBs.

The one thing that pissed me off is that the guy there was so ANAL that he wouldn't even tell me the price of the god damn GBB. All i wanted to know was the fucking price of the GBB. And no! He made a big fuss and laughed like baboons.
It wasn't my first time going there too! I asked them how much was a TM M4A1 and they said $800.00.

Pisses me off. All the guys in there were fat shits crouding around and impressed over a damn ICS Ak74 as if they have never seen a airsoft gun before.

I swear, that guy must be some 40 year old virgin, who the hell buys those god damn Gundam figures and nude anime dolls from him anyways?

Well thats just my rant. If anyone has had any bad experience with Kuramae post them here.

What a nerve racking experience...
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