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Originally Posted by Generation vexed
Quaff I didnít want to make it sound like that, I just mean, this doesnít really sound top notch to his business and since all the guns after this arenít going to be like this what is the point of this discussing I vote a mod should clean this up.
I'm not cleaning up or hiding anything bud, plain and simple. Sam can be the most wonderful person in the world for all I care, but the discussion about this particular gun and the condition in which people received it is going to stay. I'm real sorry the person who was selling them got exposed, oh wait, no I'm not.

There is no bloody excuse for selling people a product of this calibre unless the person was made full aware of the exact condition of the guns (ie - photos). Some of the images posted here clearly showed with out a shadow of a doubt how terrible some of these guns where painted. I think if pictures of guns where shown to the purchasers prior to any money exchanging hands, Sam would most likely lost out on a couple sales.

Someone making a mistake does not mean they are a horrible person, but I'm tired of everyone trying to cover up shit like it never happened ALL the time. You make a mistake, admit to it and move on. I'm sick of it.

To reiterate, the thread is staying and so are all of the posts.
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