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I only really skimmed over most of the stabs at sam's credibility, because I know they don't apply. Sam is a great guy, best customer service, and I think I would call him a friend on the side. I know he is on vacation right now, but he will be back in a while. When I got mine I knew it was painted. However I must say sam probably isnt themost talented painted in the world :smack: however it wasn't hidden from me that the guns weren't a stock job. I dont think customs was being tricked in any way, more likely he was only allowed to do things a certain way. Now I am more than happy with my mp5j, it feels rock solid and shoots pretty well. I mean its no top of the line super upgraded job, but you can't beat it for a chinese gun out of box in my opinion. I think mine looks fine minus not having fire selector markings. Which could probably be done easily if I was even slightly talented at making a stencil and using an airbrush.

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