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I noticed the big "Canadian Retailers" dropdown a long time ago. But not one says that they are, in fact, in Toronto. I don't live in Calgary, I don't live in Edmonton, and I don't live in Vancouver. They are all great places, I'm sure, but I don't live there. This thread is about Toronto, right? Well, I have stated that I do not wish to mail-order something online once I turn 18. And so my question stands; Is there a place, within the area of Toronto that I can go and purchase airsoft guns one I am of the age of majority? Or, do I in fact have to mail-order from 007 Airsoft or Airsoft Canada Armoury? I am not entirely a noob, for all of you vets who regard me as one. I have handled airsoft before, in the form of spring guns and gas guns. I respect the fact that you are all older than me, and all veterans of the airsoft society. But do the younger, newer people have to be forcibly shunned because we don't know something that maybe you do? I am asking a valid question, after having done the research. But all of you just regard me as a "stupid noob" who knows nothing about airsoft. This is why people flame, because all of you vets think we're stupid. Maybe you should consider that, just because someone is not 18, doesn't mean they are a noob to airsoft. I'm just new to the Airsoft Canada forum, not the fine sport of airsoft. I'm not asking to buy a gun, I'm not asking where to buy one. I'm asking where I can get a gun when I turn 18 in the area of Toronto. Sorry for the rant, but I felt the need to be heard by people who offer to listen yet don't seem to. If airsoft is going to be all about the people who know something about it, then why does anybody care about it? Everybody was a noob, once in their life. So, just don't step on my toes because I'm the new guy, okay? I have enough respect for all of you to be formal. I would appreciate not being treated like an idiot.
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