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Originally Posted by Sgt_Lynch
Anyone remember AMC? OMFG, those guys would go play games with their stock, then put them back in the box and sell them as new. Nevermind a PSG costing $1200 lol.
I'm sorry to say I remember them...

Originally Posted by BKHKMP5
I've been going to creative for years. They don't sell guns at all.
It doesn't occur to you that that might be what they want you to think?

Originally Posted by BKHKMP5
Good luck, anyone know of any new shops opening up. Let me know. BTW, haven't seen that shop in pacific mall for years. I thought it shut down? I remember they had a dummy in front of the store dressed up in swat gear with an MP5.
That was AMC.

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Originally Posted by BKHKMP5
That place hasn't been around for at least 3-5 years, so I have no clue what pacific mall shop you guys are talking about.
The availability of airsoft in Toronto is not unsimilar to Groundhog Day. Shops and guns appear only once every five years and linger for a few days before vanishing like a waking phantasm...
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