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I've been going to creative for years. They don't sell guns at all. They used to have lots before customs made it a pain in the ass to import them here. They do sell things like batteries, BB's and mags. Their prices are OK, not great. The mag price is decent, but their battery prices are way overpriced. $80 for a 8.4V small battery. BTW, that's where I bought the G&G MP5 metal body kit. I've asked if he would order other parts and acessories for guns other than what he has, he refused. He said it's too much of a hassle importing parts and dealing with customs. So basically he told me that he's just selling off what he has left in stock, and that's it. Don't even bother asking him anything about airsoft, because he knows absolutely NOTHING! He had no clue what I was going on about when I asked him gearbox parts and motors. I bought a 5.56mm dud bullet from him one time and said to him, that's a 5.56mm bullet right? He looked at me like he was really confused. I just stopped asking questions and took off. His wife knows even less, so just make sure you know what you want before you go in there.

I remember the guy took a HUGE loss when he started selling off all his guns for really cheap. He was scared he was going to get shut down for selling those things when the custom laws changed.

Good luck, anyone know of any new shops opening up. Let me know. BTW, haven't seen that shop in pacific mall for years. I thought it shut down? I remember they had a dummy in front of the store dressed up in swat gear with an MP5. That place hasn't been around for at least 3-5 years, so I have no clue what pacific mall shop you guys are talking about. They also used to have a small airsoft shop at metro square downstairs, kennedy and steeles area. I haven't been there in a long time so I have no idea if it's still there.

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