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Originally Posted by Generation vexed
All you have to do is go to Canadian tire buy some varsol paint thinner and it takes like 20 min to take off just put some on a wet paper towel and then wipe the gun down (disassembled) then wipe it down again with wet paper towel with no varsol on it... its not that hard your whole life is not falling away under your feet.
It's not the point whether it takes 20 minutes or 2 hours.. The fact is that something should not need to be repainted OUT OF THE BOX. No matter what product it is. Unless say, You bought a TM M14 in OD, full knowing that you were going to paint a desert camoflauge scheme onto it. Just because of this, I will not touch a CYMA gun for an even longer time now.

Yes, there is "You get what you pay for". But this is ridiculous. I've seen cap guns at the dollar store with more consistant paint finishes. It's disgusting the way quality is ditched in products these days.
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