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Bob the Angry Potatoe wrote:
... did you not notice that that isn't the original paintjob, itwas a repaint because of Customs troubles?
Your on the right track. Heck, it doesn't take much time to simply use a few dabs of paint thinner and rub. If you bought the CYMA from BC Airsoft and the paint smells it's cause its rust paint. If it bugs you THAT much just get some paint thinner and rub the two layers of paint off. A toothbrush might help and wear latex gloves when you do or your hands will be black for the next bit XD

Rumpel Felt wrote:
Silly know you can't convince people to make a smarter choice than TM. But in this case, well, if it's as reliable as you say then mabey, just mabey it would be worth the hassle.

I do have to agree with most others though, as laughable as I find a TM plastic body to be, at least they do look real. How the facorty could be so.....evil? cheap? as to let that go to the shelves is a little insane. I would have to bow my head in shame if my boss send to send something that looked like that out to the market.
This is the first batch, it is over and done. When they start coming in larger quantities they will no longer have any paint on it. Like I said, they are also available on A&A but a little more expensive.
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