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Arrow Ghost Town (WICKED)

Edgar, Ontario
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Edgar is a ghost town in Ontario, 16km northeast of Barrie, and 17km southwest of Orillia. The location was a military complex until November 1964, when it was sold to the provincial government for $218,225.[1] The community was named for John Edgar, pioneer. [2] Once purchased, it became an "Adult Occupation Center" for 35 years, until 1999.[3] Edgar is now vacant, and is used by the Ontario Provincial Police for street take-down practice.[4] The government hopes to sell the 155 1/4 acres to a church group or as a company retreat. The government is offering this complex for $2.5 million.[5]
The town consists of 84 residences, 2 office buildings, a pool, bowling alley, baseball diamond, infirmary, church and a school.

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