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I just got my MP5-J from BCAirsoft too. I was wondering... Did yours look like it had been repainted?

I pulled mine out of the box and all I could smell is Spray Paint, the gun was also somewhat sticky (consistant with being freshly painted). Upon further inspection I found traces of bright floresent orange paint all over the gun with black over spray. To me it looks like the entire gun was floresent orange and then hastily repainted black with Tremclad spray paint.

The retractable slide was difficult to pull out because there was paint holding it to the gun. I can't even get the sliding stock to go back in. The pin that holds the fore grip shows signs that it has two layers of paint on it. There are also appears to be a spot on the foregrip where it looks as though the painter picked up the peice when it was still wet with paint because there are four little finger marks. You can also see spots where the wet paint had been set down on, half dried, and then pulled off of the surface it dried against. With the foregrip removed there are signs of repaint on the barrel and wire harness.

But the biggest evidence of repaint is on the hop-up adjuster. All the other reviews and pictures show it as being completely white. Because the top half of the hop-up adjuster on mine is black where it is exposed and white where it is under the foregrip gives me enough evidence, beyond all the other points above, that I am 100% sure that this gun was not new in the box but, for some reason, removed and repainted orange and then repainted black.

I know Sam wants to keep a good reputation for his business so I have sent him an email, as it states on the website he is on vacation until July 7th. I hope this can be resolved as I am thoroughly unsatisfied with the gun. I know that the gun is of lesser quality but no where in the description of the gun does it say anything of the gun being repainted. I will let you know once I hear from Sam.

I will post pictures of the gun up in my next post...
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