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From what I have read there are good points being posed/asked to all of us.

Even tho I am a newby to the sport, I do have a defined idea of what I want to do and acomplish. To date I have being skirmishing, I have only been to two so far, but my real goal is to gain enuff experience to be able to take an active role in a full on milsim event, whatever that part will be, whatever the era or style will be.

When I have signed up to be at a particular event, usually all the details are listed as to the what/when/how etc etc.
If that isnt what i want to do...I wont go.

Suffice to say if there was a group/team here locally that had milsims only in mind, and used skirmishing only as a training tool ...I would go that route. I would jump at the chance to be more of a team member than an individual playing paintball style.

In saying that there isnt much of an airsoft presence here on the Island...the Mainland seems to be the only one with the milsims happening on a somewhat regular basis, so basically until something better comes up and I gain enuff experience to travel to the mainland to participate in full on milsims.....I will do what I have to.

At the end of the day I want to enjoy a sport I feel passionate about and gain the experience and skills I need to acomplish what I would want from the sport.

In the what you want to do. Enjoy the sport and the wealth of people who also enjoy it on so many different levels.
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