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Originally Posted by Black_Orchid
Originally Posted by lyphe
I had a question: how much do BB's hurt? After reading thru most of the forum for 30 mins, all i found was contradicting statements. So instead of asking you guys i got my friend to shoot (with 0.2g) me in the back (wearing just a fleece sweatshirt). And i bring you the video of stupid me getting shot in the back.
Of cource you'll get contradicting statements. It depends on so many different things. The range you're shot from, your tolerance to pain, adrenaline, where on your body you're shot, what kind of gear you're wearing, full or semi auto and the type of gun that shot you (Upgraded or stock, GBB, 6mm or 8mm guns)...You really didn't have to do that, but hey whatever floats your boat. Don't expect it to feel the same when you go to a
Have to add in the weight of the BB used too. Heavier hit harder. Heck, the game the other day myself and a few dead teammates were shooting at each other with our pistols for fun, range about 80-100ft, they were laughing because of how LOUD my BBs were when hitting the tower walls in front of them.......... 0.43g out of a G19 (shooting 340fps with 0.20g BBs). Hehe, I nailed one of them on the top of the head, the BB left a welt even 100ft away!
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