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Originally Posted by lyphe
Originally Posted by Droc
i feel stupider after watching that.

seriously though, if you think a +-300fps GBB is bad at that distance, wait till you taste a fully upgraded +400fps the face, or the thigh. If its a bleeder, its a keeper.
Glad i was of service, admitently its is quite stupid, but t'was fun!

i didn't think it was bad, i got scared cause i've never been shot with one, and instead of one i got shot like 3-4 times on full auto. it only hurt for a minute or som then just stung a little. I'm sure during a game (even if its a better gun) i woudln't feel it much, all the adrenaline and all! Can't wait to play
Dont forget you're wearing a BDU and maybe another layer or two along with a vest, goggles and sometimes hat and mask. That'll lessen the pain as well.
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