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Thanks Mr. Jon, that's probably the best way to go about it. I'll just leave them out for this trip, and I can throw them back in later on.

As for everyother "east coast asshole" who decided to chip in on a subject they obviously have no experience on, it was actually a genuine question looking for a genuine response. I'm planning on attending KS2.5 here and if anybody had thought about it for 3 seconds, they would realize that I have to get gear and guns there somehow. I was looking to see if anybody had sailed these waters before, specifically with airsoft magazines with dummies in them.

Perhaps you few should think a little more before you spit!
“You hear the far-off crack of a rifle, your fate finally registering in your subconscious far too late as the white hot bullet penetrates your skull. Another round slams into the chamber even as your lifeless body falls to the ground…”---Unknown sniper

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