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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker
Originally Posted by SKI
Originally Posted by Ghillie973
Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker
Ghillie, just remember that Heli-Coils are your best friend!
You have them in you m24 right? How much do they cost to have them installed?
You just buy a Heli Coil kit and insert them yourself.
I borrow the tools and heli-coils form work and install them myself. Yes, am spoiled. LIke I tell people, I've gone through all the mistakes and fixes with the CA M24 so I can pass the GOOD info on to guys like you to save you the hassle.

Is it hard to do? I was never very good in the metal shop in high school. What's the chances of me fucking it up and destroying my receiver? Also does it matter if the original threads are striped or not when you do it. If not, I'll just wait until my threads strip, then give this a try.
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