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King Arms TROY M4-SPC Silencer

I brought over several of these silencers through my King Arms Bulk Order back in March of this year, and by special request here is a review.

What separates this silencer from traditional suppressors is the mounting adaptor, which lets you attach the silencer without having to remove the flash hider.

Construction is not unlike other KA suppressors, decently built with nice trademarks, filled with several pieces of foam. Both end caps on the silencer can be removed for easy access to the guts.

The package comes with the silencer, mounting adaptor and optional thread protector cap.

It's fairly lightweight for its size (210mm L x 38mm W), weighing in at approx. 200g (silencer with adaptor). For comparison, Guarder's USSOCOM Silencer with similar dimensions weighs in at 400g.

Before you purchase this unit you'll need to ensure you have enough clearance for the silencer to fit over the adaptor. The minimum requirement is 2.75" from the tip of the outer barrel threads to your front end. Any less and you won't be able to mate the threads inside the silencer with the threads on the adaptor. Generally, CQB type barrels will not give sufficient clearance.

Also note, the inner diameter of the silencer is 1", as most flash hiders are less than 1" in overall diameter this shouldn't be a problem, however the custom junkies out there may find this bit of info useful. :-D

Installation is simple enough, first remove the flash hider.

Next, loosen the grub screw located in the threads of the adaptor and slip the adaptor over the barrel, as far as back as it will go. Tighten the grub screw, this will hold the adaptor in place.

Now put your flash hider back on, and if you want, screw on the thread protector cap. Leaving it off will allow quicker install of the silencer.

To attach the silencer, make sure the thread protector is removed, and slip the silencer over the flash hider and slide it along the barrel... once you feel resistance you can start turning :tup: The inside of the silencer is threaded and will mate to the threads on the adaptor.

And you're done!

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